Meet Three Canadian Farmers Who Are Passionate About Producing Quality Food While Caring for the Planet

In honor of Earth Day, we are excited to introduce you to three Canadian farmers who are dedicated to producing quality food while also caring for the planet. These women are truly inspiring and are making a positive impact on our food system.

Stacey Sagon, Cattle Rancher and Canola Farmer

Stacey and her husband own and operate a mixed farm in western Saskatchewan where they raise beef cattle and grow canola, wheat, barley, oats, and pulse crops. They are committed to sustainable farming practices and are always looking for ways to improve their land and the environment. Stacey is passionate about sharing her story with others and is a strong advocate for the agriculture industry.

Kathryn Doan, Turkey Farmer

Kathryn is a first-generation turkey farmer and mother of four from Ontario. She is passionate about advocating for farmers and the agriculture and food businesses, with the goal of connecting people to the career opportunities in the full value chain from farm to fork. With her husband, Kathryn is committed to producing high-quality turkey using sustainable farming practices, and she works hard to ensure that her farm is environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

Maude Fontaine, Dairy Farmer

Maude is a co-owner of her family’s dairy farm in Weedon, Quebec, where she was born and raised. Maude is committed to producing high-quality dairy products while also being mindful of the environment. She and her family take great care in managing their farm in a sustainable way and are always looking for ways to improve their practices.

These three Canadian farmers are dedicated to producing high-quality food while also caring for the planet. Their commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship is inspiring, and we are grateful for their contributions to our food system. Happy Earth Day!

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